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Tai Chi – Qigong – Meditation


Basic Tai Chi Form – First Six Postures



Tai Chi Commencement:

Stand in a relaxed posture, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Weight evenly distributed between both feet.

Slowly raise both hands from the sides  to where they are parallel to the ground.

Slowly return them to your sides, coming down at about a 45 degree angle.


Ward Off (Stroke the Birdstail):

Shift your weight completely to the left foot.

Turn your right foot outward at about 45 degrees, then shift your weight completely to the right foot.

At the same time form a ball with your hands on your right side.

The left hand should be palm up and the right hand should be palm down, as if holding the ball.

Step out with your unweighted left foot.

Now, as you shift your weight forward to the left foot move your hands apart.

Your left hand moves forward and up slightly and your right hand moves down slightly.

It is as if you had a small bird in the palm of your left hand and

you are going to stroke it’s tail feathers as you shift your weight forward.


Double Ward Off:

Step out with your right foot while forming another ball on your left side.

This time your left palm is facing out and your right palm is facing in.

Now shift your weight to your right foot.

When your weight is completely on your right foot, twist from your waist to the right slightly.



Change hand position to where your right hand is as if it is on someone's shoulder.

Your left hand is under their elbow. Then shift your weight slowly back to the left foot.

It is as if you are pulling someone back when you shift.

When your weight is completely back on the left foot, twist from the waist to the left slightly.



Twist from the waist to the right and change hand position to cross the palms.

Your palms should be touching, left palm out and right palm in.

Shift your weight from your back left foot to your front right foot.



Your hands open up from the cross position to where they are parallel to the ground, palms down.

Shift your weight to your left back foot and sink your body down slightly.

Then shift your weight forward to the right foot in a pushing movement.

But use whole body movement rather than just hand movements.



             Turn your left foot to the left so that it is facing forward.

             Shift your weight to the left foot completely.

             Turn right foot to face forward.

             Shift to the center so that your weight is evenly distributed.

             Return your hands to your side.

             You should be in the start Tai Chi position (Commencement).



             Avoid leaning.

             It is as if your body is suspended from the ceiling.

             Like a puppet on a string.

             Movements are made as whole body movements.

             Not with the arms.

             The knee does not move beyond the toe when shifting.

             Take smaller steps not larger ones.

             Twisting is done from the waist.

             Not from the arms, or shoulders.

             The unweighted leg can ALWAYS be adjusted for comfort.

             Practice stepping and then shifting.

             Do NOT move and step in one movement.


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