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We have an abundant selection of Sifu Fong Ha DVDs for the discriminating followers of a truly great Tai Chi master.

Sifu Fong's teaching style is amazing and the information he provides in his workshops is really incredible.

Whether you are a new student of Tai chi or an accomplished player wishing for "Teacher's Training" material, you will find it here. If you purchase one of Sifu's DVDs please remember to leave a review so others may benefit.

Look around and enjoy,

Wayne Jupiter

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Teacher's Training 2012 Blu-ray Tai Chi Sword Santa Sabina 2006 Qigong/Yiquan Stillness in Movement Modular Tai Chi Teacher's Training 2011 Sifu Fong Ha in Lecture Teacher's Training 2013 Blu-ray Teacher's Training 2014 Blu-ray Santa Sabina 2015 Santa Sabina 2016 Santa Sabina 2017 Santa Sabina 2018

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